My Aunt

My Aunt has been here since i was born, She’s 22 and has been helping me theses past few years she’s like a sister to me. I am grateful to have her.

Remote Learning

I think remote learning is  not helpful. I don’t think its helpful because I wont have teachers their to help me and ask questions.  also i feel less motivated to do work alone.

Its hard not  to have teachers around to help you. Its even more harder if your online and  never   join live classes  then you’ll have a lot of questions to ask. If your parents are busy they couldn’t help you too. Then i would be stressed about my work and haven’t completed anything.  Also if i email them they not might anwer and i feel like i have all the pressure  to   myself  also

I would feel less motivated to do my work.  l wont have people to cheer me on to do my work. Also i wouldn’t feel happy to do my work and feel to. Do my work when am supposed to. also i would need people to cheer me on so i could do better .if i do get cheered on i would feel happy and motivated to do online classes.

I don’t like remote learning because i would have people to be the